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Can someone identify this tree for me? I have one at the side of my house and would very much like to have another in my front yard as the hummingbirds just love it and it is very beautiful. Is it possible to take cuttings from it to start a new tree. I don't have much of a green thumb and so apologize if I seem naive.


Bluebell_tree Bluebell_tree_blossoms



It's one of the Iochromums - might be Iochromum cyanum, or another of the blue varieties. No idea how to take cuttings, will have to check...

Just checked and if you type into google Iochromum cyanum propagation or I. cyanum cuttings, there's plenty of info there, including a Youtube video demonstration. Lucky you, having the climate to grow such a thing...

27 Aug, 2014


Hi, welcome to GoY, it looks to me like ; Iochromis Australis, a close relative of Brugmansia, Derek.

27 Aug, 2014


Sorry Bamboo, crossed again :-) Derek.

27 Aug, 2014


Thanks very much to both respondents for the quick replies. I checked out the Youtube video and will be ready in the spring to get some new cuttings started.

27 Aug, 2014


Beautiful shrub, lucky you!

28 Aug, 2014


My you two are good ?

its lovely tree.......

28 Aug, 2014

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