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Hi Loosestrife and Steragram, Thank you, much appreciated. I've had 4 cut out, I was thinking more in the line of prevention in case I thought something was about to grow. Stay cool , Coppertops



I'd reiterate the advice given in your other question - do not use the sap on your skin, it is highly irritant and in some people will cause a serious allergic reaction.

27 Aug, 2014


If you have good reason to be anxious about skin cancer you should see a doctor. If you are concerned about skin cancer but have no signs of it just be sensible don't overdo the sunbathing especially in the middle of the day, & wear a good sun screen. Euphorbia sap can irritate even skin on your hands and arms, never mind your face.

27 Aug, 2014


I expect Coppertops is trying to avoid the need for having more growths removed at a later date...

28 Aug, 2014


How daft can you get - I read the 4 cut out as 4 euphorbias cut and ready for planting! You wouldn't believe it would you....
But all the same the advice not to use the euphorbia still stands.

28 Aug, 2014

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