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I have a silver/grey mouse living in my logpile in my wildlife area. Any ideas what kind of mouse it is?? And no Muddywaters I will not be giving him chocolate just an order to quit!!



that sounds like a house mouse but if he is in the log pile thats the wildlife you have been desperate to encourage :o)

16 Jun, 2010


yes and if you have seen one then you have quite a few. you could get traps of the friendly or not so friendly type . this is not the kind of wildlife you want . rats and mice are incontanent always and can give you wells desease which trust me you dont want . i hope your ok great . please ring me when you feal better and i will help you getting a nice cheap pond.if you are frail you may need to ask someone to dig you the hole but dont pay top dollor for one.i hope your ok take care bye for now xx.

16 Jun, 2010


I wouldnt go as far to call myself 'frail', Nosey! Just walking very very slowly lol. Yeah I'll get some traps sticky tape any good??

17 Jun, 2010


no it isnt and poison is slow . id just get some standerd mouse traps as they are realy quick and the mouse wont know whats happening.i wasnt trying to imply anything just a bit of concern for you. take care bye for now great xx.

17 Jun, 2010


Couldnt posion any thing, couldnt bear the thought of it.. I know you werent nosey!!!! As Grandmage would say at least I've got wildlife in my wildlife area!!!!But I agree not the wildlife I want

17 Jun, 2010


you can get a humane trap but i dont know in london wear youd let them go without them just becomming someone elses problem .

17 Jun, 2010

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