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There are lots !

On plant Euonymus

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The black grub is a ladybird larvae but I don't recognise the species of ladybird.

28 Aug, 2014


Hi Bulba ..
Thanks ...
I've googled and think I've found it now ..

Kidney Spot Ladybird and larvae ..

.. supposed to be quite rare, but there are thousands on my euonymus ..

Euonymus is looking sad, so I'm going to prune it short.

28 Aug, 2014


Are the white things bugs as well.......

28 Aug, 2014


Hi Pam
Yes... I think so ... maybe aphids ..
I guess the big ones are eating the smaller white ones ..

28 Aug, 2014


Oh well a natural result then Terra......looks as if you could get some very fat ladybirds?

29 Aug, 2014


Ladybird grubs are brilliant for eating aphids - it's their meal of choice!

29 Aug, 2014


The grubs look all black till seen enlarged on a photo, when their paler bodies are more visible.

29 Aug, 2014


The white things are the shed bodies of aphids. The problem with the shrub is the number of aphids on it not the ladybirds. Trouble is to deal with the aphids you run the risk of damaging the ladybirds.

29 Aug, 2014


Thanks, Owdboggy ..
that's interesting ...
Over the autumn I shall cut back this fairly large euonymus a bit at a time, to very low, so hopefully it will sprout again next year with less aphids !

29 Aug, 2014

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