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Can someone kindly identify this caterpillar for me please. Could it be a tomato hornworm?

Thank you.

Img_20140829_175237_1_ Img_20140829_175353_1_



Tomato Hornworms have a spike (horn) on their head.

Maybe someone can tell you which caterpillar this is.

What plant did you find it on?

29 Aug, 2014


It was on the ground right next to a potato mound which is also close to one of my tomatoes, it was less than a meter away from my tomato plant.

The reason I ask if it could be a hornworm is because recently two of my tomatoes had large chunks bitten from them. The damage could also have been from slugs or the hedgehogs which visit my garden, I am not sure.

Any help with identification of this caterpillar would be appreciated, thank you.

29 Aug, 2014


From it's head, it looks like a caterpillar from the Polyphemus moth (Antheraea polyphemus), but I'm not so sure.

29 Aug, 2014

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