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Can someone please identify this shrub, see photo and advise how and when to prune. At its tallest it is nearly 6ft and spreads around 4ft

Photo_1 Photo2



Looks like Weigela florida - has an arching growth habit so difficult to grow in a restricted space. Prune time is immediately after flowering around June, not now.

29 Aug, 2014


Thanks for the quick response, so I'll have to wait until next summer. So when it comes how far do prune

29 Aug, 2014


is it in flower now? could it be an abelia?

29 Aug, 2014


Its in flower at the moment

29 Aug, 2014


I think the flowers are way too large for Abelia, Seaburngirl, have a look at the pics. It's not unusual to get a few late flowers on Weigela, there's one in the garden doing that here right now.

As for how far to prune, I suspect this is a case of wrong plant, wrong place, and you will constantly be fighting to keep it small - Weigela florida wants to get at least 8 feet tall, more if it can, with a spread of 6 feet - you might want to think about changing it for a smaller variety, of which there are now a number available. Have a look at Weigela 'My Monet' (2 feet tall), W. 'Midnight Wine' or a bit bigger at 4-5 feet, W. 'Wine and Roses'.

30 Aug, 2014

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