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I intend to lay turf for a new lawn this autumn. The plot has been skimmed and turned over. Any instructions or tips would be welcome.
Also, would like to know the best time for planting climbing roses and climbing fuscia



When you say turned over have you removed all the perennial weeds? Dandelions for example will regrow from a small piece of root left in the ground. When you are sure the ground is clean it should be firmed by either walking across it with your feet side by side or walking on boards placed across the plot - the idea is to firm the ground.

Climbing roses can be planted anytime to ground is suitable after they have gone dormant, avoiding very wet, very dry or frozen conditions.

Climbing fuchsias are not hardy so wait until after the last frost and bring under glass for the winter.They are often planted in pots to make this easier.

30 Aug, 2014


green side up!kerryvw.

30 Aug, 2014

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