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By Hprlady

Lincs, United Kingdom Gb

Something is eating two climbing plants in my front garden. Whatever it is is not attacking the leaves at the bottom, but from halfway up. I have slug pellets around the base because there are so many snails in my garden. Does anyone know what is eating these plants and what I can do to save them please? I attach a couple of photos of the damage.

Wots_eating_my_plants_002 Wots_eating_my_plants_003



Leaf cutting bees , we have this problem and theres not a lot you can do , its not as we can smack their bums for doing it , i know it looks unsightly but like i said not a lot you can do.
My husband saw the leaf cutting bees doing it to our Rose leaves last year

16 Jun, 2010


they should stop soon its only in breeding season,used to have these in mums garden,loved watching them funny little things

16 Jun, 2010


Thanks for the response. If it is the bees, how long will they go on cutting and why only these two plants? Also it is only thetop half of the plants including all the new growth at the tips of the stems. Am I going to lose the plants?

16 Jun, 2010


no you wont loose the plants .Give it time and they will get fed up with it and find someone elses to nibble on.
I know its a pain in the wotsit, but dont worry yourself about it

17 Jun, 2010


I've had similar damage from caterpillars.

17 Jun, 2010


Thanks for the reassurance. I haven't seen any caterpillars. Its such a shame that 'they' have eaten all the new leaves at the ends of the stems. Still I can see flowers forming, so hopefully I will still have a nice display soon.

17 Jun, 2010


I didn't notice the caterpillars for years !
They're rarely seen but i know they're there :-(

17 Jun, 2010



17 Jun, 2010


What I have nooticed are lots of tiny 'spiders' with single strand webs going across the stems on both plants. Could these be what's eating the leaves?

18 Jun, 2010

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