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How do I get rid of Black Spot on Roses Please ???




Rose Clear is brilliant , we use it on all our Roses
Either do it first thing ibn the morning or last thing at night.

RedSongBird how long have you had the black spot, only if its in the early stages best time to have started was at the beginning of May. If you use Rose clear once a month about 3 times a year it should work.
Its a lovely Rose i will say that

16 Jun, 2010


Roseclear 3, I hope you mean, Hijuju! Its the best and most effective one, but you'll need your own sprayer to mix it up in. Also does aphids, effects last a fortnight, so if your black spot has really got a grip, spray fortnightly this year, start spraying, as Hijuju says, earlier next year.

16 Jun, 2010


A month ago I bought Rose Clear 4 gun and had a problem with it, I had to ring the manufactures They told me they have a problem with 3 and have temporarily withdrawn it and till next year have brought out 4. That didnt resolve the problem though!.

16 Jun, 2010


Just remember that spraying for prevention is the key. Leaves that are already effected will stay effected until they drop off!

By the way, your rose looks like Kathleen Harrop, the paler pink sport of Zepherine Drouhin.

16 Jun, 2010


i lave all the spraying up to my old manbamboo so he gets it in , i dont take any notice whether theres any numbers on it to be honest.

My deepest apologies Bamboo

17 Jun, 2010


Thank you friends. It is so bad that I am thinking of cutting it right back, What do the panel think ??Oh Fractal it could be Zepherine Drouhin,but the ticket has gone !!!!

17 Jun, 2010


No need for apologies, Hijuju, deep or otherwise, lol!
Redsongbird, I'd try a good treatment for black spot for this year, then make sure you clear all dead leaves at the end of the year, do the usual prune and then spray from early next year.
Drc, thanks for the info on Roseclear 3 - I've not bought any this year, still have loads (good thing too, by the sound of it!)

17 Jun, 2010


You dont want to try this years Bamboo! its made a mess of my patio and all they said was scrub it with soapy water.

17 Jun, 2010

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