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what is this


By Mellie

United Kingdom Gb

thankyou spritzhenry have posted another photo including leaves it stands around 6inches tall at moment, if someone could help i would very much appreciate it




Certainly looks like Arisaema - has it had any flowers before?

22 Jul, 2008


no i dont think so only lived here for 3months and noticed about a month a go that there was 4 red stems which then died off very quickly to produce that camouflage stem with green leaves, had another look this afternoon and there is about 8 of them now,

22 Jul, 2008


Arisaemas can be tricky to grow so whoever planted it knew what they wre doing!

22 Jul, 2008


Definitely an Arisaema and tomorrow I will go and look at the label in the garden to tell you which one. They are fairly easy to grow in the right woodland conditions. If Arum maculatum grows ( Lords and Ladies, Cuckoo pint) then Arisaemas will grow too.

22 Jul, 2008


thankyou owdboqqy that would be great i have never seen one before and i thought it was unusual, my youngest daughter is training to be a landscape gardener and her boss said it was a eucalyptus tree god help us, dont rate her chances lol

22 Jul, 2008


Actually looking at the markings on the stem I think it is more likely to be Sauromatum venosum, which is closely related to Arisaemas,

22 Jul, 2008


thanks owdboqqy just had a look at it on line and i think you have cracked it, a voodoo lily, hope i can be of help to you sometime

22 Jul, 2008


I feel quite chuffed I identified it from the stemin your first posting!!!!!

23 Jul, 2008

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