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fuschias leaf drop

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last year i inherited a large number of different fuschias in pots, over the last few weeks 3 of them have started looking sickly and if ouched shed loads of leaves, they are in a well ventilated greenhouse and are kept well watered. any ideas? please.



Are you sure they aren't getting too hot? Maybe they would be better outside in warm weather.

22 Jul, 2008


There is a possability that they may have been attacked by Vine Weevil. They are small white grubs which chew the roots of fuschias and primulas, causing them to have leaf drop and eventually killing the plant. I have revived plants by first taking them out of their pots and brushing off the compost and removing the offending beasts and repotting in fresh compost. Vine Weevil treatments can be obtained from garden centres.

22 Jul, 2008

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