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Anyone having problems with the site? For the e past couple of days I seem to be caught in a time warp - today 2nd September, the latest questions I can see are dated 31 August but I know there were questions posted yesterday. If no-one else is having this then I'll put it down to a blip.



All ok here with blogs/photos/questions. Hope it gets back to normal for you asap.

2 Sep, 2014


Send a message to Dave at 'contact us' if it continues.....

2 Sep, 2014


Settles down later in the day - I'll keep an eye on it.

2 Sep, 2014


I have had problems getting responses to load. I'd written a long pm to spritz sent it then nothing every comment I'd added to questions didn't show up.
Hoping it is sorted.

2 Sep, 2014


It did take me ages to load some pics to a blog earlier today, kept saying it couldn't find the page, all seems ok tonight though.

2 Sep, 2014

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