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By Chino

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all. What a lovely sunny day here in Devon.
I have a daisy bush in a very large plant pot, its only been in there since the beginning of summer but has put on good growth. Do I trim it back at all and if so by how much.



Do you know that latin name Chino or can you post a photo, 'daisy bush' could mean lots of things.

2 Sep, 2014


I think its called an Orleando. Moon Growe, but no sure, I lost the label but that name rings a bell.

4 Sep, 2014


Nope can't be an Oleander Chino that has nothing like a daisy flower on it, you'll need to add a photo to your question.

4 Sep, 2014


No can't be orleando can it, think iv'e seen those growing abroad, but I'm pretty sure the name begins with an "O", it has small shiny leaves which I think are evergreen, and clusters of small daisylike flowers.

Got a new Laptop, so not sure how to post a picture yet, but I'll work on it.

6 Sep, 2014



6 Sep, 2014

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