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hi I am just about too rent a flat has a rockery garden at the front of flat any ideas for plants to put in there please not sure how I would like it to be honest would be nice to have a nice smell to them like nemisia confetti love that plant but feel a little to big for rockery



Photo of the rockery please! Which direction does it face, ie does it get sun most of the day?

4 Sep, 2014


And how big is it, is it shaded by trees or shrubbery?

4 Sep, 2014


Something to consider is how long a lease you have - you don't want to invest heavily in something that you might not get to enjoy.
You could plant spring bulbs for starters - iris reticulata and mini daffs/narcissus. Heathers are relatively cheap (I got some for £1.25 a couple of weeks ago). You may also get small alpines (3 inch pots) that you can cram in between the stones.

4 Sep, 2014


Following Urbanite's theme: crocus, snowdrops, lobelia, lots of saxifrages, thyme, dryas, sempervariums, sedums...

4 Sep, 2014


If you are planting Heathers Debbie, put them in their
own patch of Ericaceous compost.
I have also just discovered Gentians should be in lime
free compost. No wonder mine died in the planter, we
all live and learn.

6 Sep, 2014


As an aside - I picked up a basket of 6 Autumn heathers in Aldi for £3.99 yesterday - some with interesting foliage and because they are in individual pots you can mix and match the ones you want!

7 Sep, 2014


That's interesting Diane. One of my garden encyclopedias says add a little lime in the form of dolomite and the other says neutral to acid soil! (I looked it up because I've just been given a gentian and never had one before)Google says 5.5 -7. So I'll ignore the lime but not use ericaceous compost as we are 6.5 here. Doesn't look as if that was the cause of your gentians dying - what a shame.
(Sorry to get off your subject Debbie)

7 Sep, 2014

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