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Hi All.
My digital camera has just died on me. My OH offered to buy a new one for my Christmas. On looking at what is available I am totally confused! Can anyone advise me what I should be looking for - mostly for taking pictures of garden and grandchildren. I am most definately not a photographer - something simple and round about the £100 mark would be great.



Most Digital cameras take pretty good pictures around that price. It's best for your husband to ask the advise of the sales assistant who will be well up on them.

4 Sep, 2014


Most phone cameras seem to take great pics these days though, unless you are going to want to enlarge them, when you will need more pixels. I bought a fancy one but find I always use it on automatic and never get around to using the other features.

4 Sep, 2014


I love my new digital Panasonic camera

Lumic DMC s5

4 Sep, 2014


Go to any store toy department and you will find digital cameras for a child's use that would be very suitable for your needs at a very low cost. These days they have many of the features that the higher priced ones have such as close up mode, memory card capability, and some even have a movie capability. Bye the way, so what if the camera looks like Sponge Bob Squarepants.:)

4 Sep, 2014


Thanks all. My phone camera is ok but prefer the quality of pictures with my old digital camera.

Thanks for the recommendation Scotkat - that is one of the cameras I had looked at - will go and look again.

4 Sep, 2014

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