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Begonia x benariensis) I have purchased a few of these this week for late Autumn gap filling. Can I keep these over the winter some how for next season. I did have one like this years ago only it was more pink which grew to about 2 or 3 ft on my patio and it came year after year. It was a fibrous rooted begonia but I did not know the name



It is listed as an annual so the chances are it will not survive even moderately low temperatures.

5 Sep, 2014


Thanks for the reply I am wondering if the one I used to have was just luck with the position it was in, or is there a Begonia that will come again. I admit the one I had did have pink flowers with green leaves, not red with bronze leaves as this one has, but both were fibrous rooted.

5 Sep, 2014


Begonia grandis is supposed to be hardy, but that is a tuberous rooted one.
Begonia semperflorens is fibrous rooted and a short lived perennial. I have kept them alive in the greenhouse over winter.

5 Sep, 2014


Thanks O'boggy, I think it must have been the Pink semperflorens I had. It was in a very big tub on a west facing patio with high walls, so would have been very sheltered. I had it for 4/5 years, it grew very big.
It is wonderful to find these knowledgeable folk on Goy to help us out. Thanks again

5 Sep, 2014

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