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Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

orange spots on pear leaves only transplanted this year .never had problems in different site.

Asked from the GoYpedia pears page



Sounds a bit like rust , i might be wrong, perhaps someone else might back me up on this

17 Jun, 2010


There is an answer to probably the same problem that I asked last season Guest. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, click on P, and then pears. You will see I was told it was pear leaf blister mite. It has a curious life cycle that completes with a Juniper!!!!!......I have 2 prostrate junipers in my garden. My pears are perfectly OK this year, so far, bearing well,as far as fruit trees ever do behave themselves. Suggest you remove infested leaves and burn in chiminera or some other horrble fate.

17 Jun, 2010

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