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Worm cast soil - having planted up the raised beds and added a dressing of gravel to make everything neat and tidy, I'm now 'harvesting' the worm casts. Not a huge amount, admittedly, maybe an eggcup per day. Any suggestions as to the best use I can make of this delicacy! I'm not planning on growing much from seed but I did think about a little pot of mixed herbs (maybe basil, marjoram & thyme) on the kitchen windowsill.



Worm castings are a very good fertiliser and a good source of nutrition for anything that grows. You could use it 'as is', or soak it for a couple of days and aerate it to introduce oxygen and make a tea with it. If you do, then use it fresh within in a day or two or it will turn anaerobic.

5 Sep, 2014


Thanks Myron, I found a 'recipe' for wormcast tea but it seemed like a lot of work involving molasses and running airlines from a pump. It was obviously intended for people who have proper wormeries and, therefore, lots of wormcast.

7 Sep, 2014


I take my tea without sugar so I think that the molasses is optional ;o)

You might be right about the aerating thing but as you suggested, doing it this way is probably making it on a semi-commercial scale. I just thought that rather than scattering it on the soil, it might be better to dissolve it in water, leave it a day or so and use is as a liquid feed. It would be a lot easier to apply and get right down to where the roots are quicker.

7 Sep, 2014

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