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Please can you identify the following two shrubs/trees? -
1) photo - 261 (in flower)
2) photos - 262/263 (foliage/fruit)
Many thanks in anticipation.

Img_0261 Img_0262 Img_0263



Top pic looks like choisya. Bottom pic - assuming that you're not expecting an apple - possibly crabapple (some indication of size might help)

7 Sep, 2014


Choisya tenata Sundance I think for the top one and maybe quince for the fruit?

7 Sep, 2014


I am thinking quince too Pamg.

7 Sep, 2014


the bottom one is Chaenomeles japonica if it has any thorns, which does produce useable quince fruits. If it has no thorns, its Cydonia oblonga, which becomes a tree - both produce quince

7 Sep, 2014


If you are interested in using the quince a useful thing is to ppel and chop one fruit only (there is not a lot of flesh round the rather large core) and add it to an apple pie - gives it a great tang.

7 Sep, 2014


Urbanite, Pamg, Moongrowe, Bamboo, Steragram - many thanks for the helpful comments - is much appreciated.

10 Sep, 2014

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