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Mature weeping birch. I need to prune two large branches off my 25ft tall weeping birch. Having taken off the branches should I seal stumps with something to stop infection or rot setting in, to seal it? If so what do I put on it? I am very fond of this tree and wouldn't like to put it at risk of any diseases. Thank you.



Modern thinking is not to do anything to a cut, the tree will heal itself quicker that way. Sealing it also is supposed to 'lock' in any pathogens which might already be present.
As long as the tree is not weeping sap from the pruning cuts, I would tend to leave it alone.

8 Sep, 2014


I suggest to do it in the dormant season, well before spring, when the sap is falling rather than rising

8 Sep, 2014


Definitely do it before the sap starts rising. Birch have this nasty habit of bleeding sap if done at the wrong time. Sorry, should have said that before.
Could always make wine out of the sap though, supposed to be very good.

8 Sep, 2014


So could I prune now? Or better wait until leaves have fallen which I suppose the dormant season?

9 Sep, 2014


No don't prune until the leaves have fallen, they fall as the sap falls in the tree.
In the spring next year it will rise again pushed from the roots so it must be before then.
usually it between november to march but you hsve to watch the tree,
this year spring was early so march would have been too late

so look to November time.......

10 Sep, 2014


Thanks PamG. Will do it sometime in November.

10 Sep, 2014

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