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Design Help please.
I want to cut out a circle in my lawn to put in some plants that are not doing to well in pots so how do I lay them out can't think for the life of me which way they would look best .and should I have put this question in a blog ?

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How bigwill your circle be because hydrangea are big plants and not easily pruned short or you lose the flowers.

I would put the tallest like the hydrangea in the middleand around the edge a border of shorter plants like the euonymus.these are easy to keep small.
not sure about the roses, maybe alternate with the euonymus, these will strike from cuttings but small ones are not too expensive if you need more.
in my imagination the border around the hydrangea needs to be simple alternate plants for cohesion rather than a mixture......

8 Sep, 2014


You appear to have some roses in pots there, as well as the hydrangea - these are not good bedfellows, because hydrangeas usually get up to a spread of 5 or more feet across and prefer moist, shady conditions, whereas roses like full sun and no foliage crowding up against them, which can make them very susceptible to fungal diseases.

8 Sep, 2014


Thank all oh dear I am glad I asked for advice what I thought to do would have been a disaster so I will now rethink what to do , you are so knowledgeable on this forum thanks again .

8 Sep, 2014


It does explain why you were having trouble deciding how to lay the bed out though! Usual thing with a circular bed is something tall and narrowish in the middle, with lower shrubs or whatever further out, and ground cover or similar at the outer edge, if there's enough room. You had no obvious candidates for those positions with your selection of plants - which I guess means you instinctively know more than you think;-))

9 Sep, 2014

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