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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

Please can someone advise me as to whether Dianthus requires ericaceous compost.
(I feel as if I should know, but I don't.)
Thank you :o)



Mine are all on chalk, Hywell. They're not in my "acid loving" memory bank so i would say any compost is fine as long as it's not waterlogged.

10 Sep, 2014


Thank you :) In that case I'll use Vitax Q4 and put plenty of drainage.

10 Sep, 2014


I agree, I mixed some grit and sand.......hoping they survive the winter in my tubs, trying to cut down on bedding out

10 Sep, 2014


Hi Hywel, all fully hardy Dianthus prefer neutral to alkaline soil, although D glacialis, D microlepis, and D pavonius, prefer acid conditions, even though they are fully hardy, so it really depends on species, Derek.

10 Sep, 2014


Thank you Pam ... I'm going to put them under cover for winter, because we get so much rain here.

Thank you Derek, I haven't got any of those species, so they'll be fine in Vitax Q4
I'll have to make a note of the ones you mention for future ref :o)

10 Sep, 2014


My hardy ones do ok pH6.5 but I did sprinkle a little lime into the planting holes.

11 Sep, 2014


Thank you :)

12 Sep, 2014

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