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What is the best treatment for Red Lily Beetle on my Asiatic Lilies?

I've come home from work tonight to find half my petals munched away and on closer inspection, photo's and a little research, I found the culprits to be the beetle and its larvae.

Any suggestions please? The larvae are gross!!

P1080968 P1080966



Squash the beetles, and spray or squash the larvae, I have killed 96 lily beetles this year, just at the moment they seem to have steadied, fingers crossed. Hope you can catch the little blighters, they are a pain. Good luck

17 Jun, 2010


Oh dear....the only way is to SQUASH them....;put some paper under the plant...apparently the beetles flip over onto their back so you can't see them.....crafty little crittures.....the lava are in the "poo like" substance, so important to get rid of them.....

17 Jun, 2010


Snap Olive!!!!!...fortunately I don't get them (I hope!!)

17 Jun, 2010


spray with provado before you get them, and you wont...8)

17 Jun, 2010


I hate them too, but smashing photo you have taken !! The order of the boot is needed.

17 Jun, 2010


Thanks all. Looks like I have some squashing to do then!!

17 Jun, 2010


I sprayed with Provado it didn't stop the little blighters on mine Stevebuk - but to be fair probably all that rain we had washed off the bug killer. May was the worst month for me dozens of the damn things, they have steadied now, not seen one this week, fingers crossed I have sorted my bug problem now.

18 Jun, 2010


as i sell them for a living i have to be ready for the little blighters, so i sprayed with provado as soon as i unloaded them and not even a nibble on a leaf.

18 Jun, 2010


Steve, where can I buy this provado as I'm thinking that if I do some squashing first and get rid of them or near as damnit, then spray with the provado!

Got to be worth a try.

18 Jun, 2010


provado is systemic, so once applied it will 'soak' into the plant and be ready to do battle at the first sign of the Red baron.

Any good garden centre or handy centre should have it on its shelf..

19 Jun, 2010


Steve, is the Provado you use/recommend similar to Provado Ulimate Bug Killer in a bright yellow 1litre spray ? as seen here :

19 Jun, 2010


yep, thats the one i sell and use..

20 Jun, 2010

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