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Some of the fruit but not the leaves on my 5year old pear tree are turning black and are hollow. Other fruit on the same tree are not affected. The fruit are very small, between 1 & 2cms. The tree appears to be otherwise healthy.
Any idears please

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This pear midge Guest. If they are small trees you can nip them off and destroy them. If you pick a pear in two you may see the maggots of the midge living inside. They need to be killed as they go to the soil next. they need a juniper nearbye to complete life cycle (Hessayon does not say anything about that). Keep the ground well hoed below if situation allows. Start looking next year in late May early June. If the tree is small, only leave 1 or 2 fruit per spur. These small trees, if you have them, will have better pears if thinned around now, as well as the June drop.

18 Jun, 2010

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