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Plants in my garden tab. Can anyone tell me how to link the plants that I have added to my GoY profile. At the bottom of the profile page there is a box that asks 'Who else is growing....?' Followed by the mildly sarcastic "Do you have any plants in your garden?" I have added plants to my garden tab.

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I've no idea, but I had to laugh at your 'mildly sarcastic' description;-)

15 Sep, 2014


I'm not quite sure what you mean Urbanite. What do you want to link your plants to?
Do you mean linking to a picture?

15 Sep, 2014


When you upload your photo to the add plants area you are invited to add photos. These then appear in both the list of plants in your garden and also in your photos. The website admin will sometimes put notes on who else is growing those plants.

16 Sep, 2014


i've added screen shots of what i'm talking about. I have plants in my GoY garden but haven't uploaded any photos there yet. According to the message in the top pic, I have to link my plants but there doesn't seem to be any instructions on how to do this.

21 Sep, 2014


To add plants to your garden you use the drop down menu under 'Your Options'. You need to write the name of the plant and also the botanical name if you know it, and you can add notes about the plant, Under that there is an invitation to 'upload a photo'. If it uploads successfully you will see a message to that effect. If you go back to 'Your news', again, using the drop down menu in 'YOUR OPTIONS', You can click on both 'Photos' and also 'Garden' to see your photo. On the right hand side in a box there is an invitation to view the same plant in the gardens of other members, also a box for adding tags. Things like the time of year when it flowers. Flower colour etc. I am not aware of any other way of doing it except by using the A-Z at the bottom of the pages.

21 Sep, 2014


Thanks Scotsgran - I'd done all that and still get the message that says my plants need to be linked. The issue is not about adding plants and photos but about this mysterious link.

23 Sep, 2014


I'm sorry I was not able to help. I have put photos on and in my garden since your Q first appeared and I have not seen anything about this link. You could use the 'Contact us' button at the foot and ask the admin staff for help since none of the members has been able to so.

23 Sep, 2014

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