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Hi, my garden is overlooked by houses and I wish to make it more private by introducing some trees that could be planted in a raised border measuring approximately 15" wide 10ft long and 2ft deep. does anyone have any ideas on what trees would be suitable.



Two feet deep? Do you mean there is only a 2 foot depth of soil? If you do, no trees at all, they need a minimum of a metre of soil depth.

17 Sep, 2014


Hi, welcome to GoY, I agree with Bamboo, soil not deep enough, also 15" wide is not even wide enough for a small shrub, let alone a tree, Derek.

17 Sep, 2014


With a border as narrow as that you would probably be better off with some tall trellis with climbers growing up it.
Is it up against a fence or a wall? Is it a raised bed or just dug into the ground?

17 Sep, 2014


From the privacy point of view, you'd be better off buying 2 foot deep by 12-18 inches wide pots or containers and planting bamboo in them,(Phyllostachys nigra or aureum will make 10-12 feet in those), slabbing the top of the raised bed and standing the pots on there. They'd be even taller then because of the raised bed...

17 Sep, 2014


That's lateral thinking for you - (Or rather vertical!)

17 Sep, 2014


Bamboo's suggestion is brilliant . . . but where is Mickyc to appreciate it?!

20 Sep, 2014

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