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Edinburgh, Scotland Sco

Am I too late to take cuttings from my Salvia Amistad? If not, any tips? I ask because the label says hardy perennial but from what I have read, that's possibly not true up here!



Hi Scottish, I hadn't heard of this 1, so googled it, it's claimed to be hardy as you say, but not yet proven, it is a perennial so you can take semi ripe cuttings in late summer or autumn, basal or softwood cuttings in spring or early summer, or divide in spring, yuo will need bottom heat for autumn cuttings, Derek.

18 Sep, 2014


Thanks Derek - I will need to go shopping then :) If only I hadn't left if this late. Still, you learn and if all else fails, a new plant in spring and do them early enough.

18 Sep, 2014


Hi Scottish, if you mean to buy an electric propagator, make sure you get 1 with a thermostat, the cheaper ones have to be controlled by opening little vents on the plastic cover, which means it can get too hot, Derek.

18 Sep, 2014


Thanks for that Derek.

18 Sep, 2014


If you plan to keep your propagator on a windowsill best make it a north facing one or paint the see through cover white to keep the plants in a warm atmosphere but not a hot one where they can cook.

19 Sep, 2014


Great tip Scotsgran. Thanks.

19 Sep, 2014


We had a talk on propagating on Tuesday evening at Suntrap Gardening Club. The tip came from the speaker who did not seem to be a great fan of very small heated propagators.

20 Sep, 2014


Having priced a heated propagator I have decided that it would be more cost effective to buy a new plant if it doesn't come through winter!
I'd be doubtful of having any further use for it right now but thank you both for your input.

21 Sep, 2014

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