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hello all. I am humbly sorry to have been away for so long. I remember how helpful and friendly you all are so hope you will forgive my impertinence now asking for some much needed advice. I have quite a lot of geraniums and fuchsias in pots as my garden is so small and now I am considering bringing them in for the Winter. I know there are ways to do this especially as I want to take them from their existing pots (to be used for bulbs) so please advise me the best way to 'store' them in a squashed space in my small porch. thank you in anticipation. Sue



I don't think you can overwinter fuchsias out of their pots. If they are in decorative ones that you want for your bulbs I would repot them into plain ones for the winter. When the weather gets colder let the compost dry out almost completely until about late March, or later depending on the temperature in your porch. . The leaves will wither and fall but don't panic. Then cut back the dead branches to a few inches, water gently and spray the remaining branches with cool water every few days. When new buds appear you can begin to water just enough to keep the compost damp.

The geraniums can be dried off and wrapped in several layers of newspaper. I have never done this but know others have.

18 Sep, 2014


repot into dull pots and then reduce the water keeping them barely damp. same for the pelargoniums [that's usually the bedding geranium] if you go for the newspaper option they need to be barely damp too.

porch needs to be frost free. if not any unheated frost free shed/garage will do.

18 Sep, 2014


thank you Seaburngirl and Steragram. I have re-planted these plants into plain pots and placed them in porch where I am hoping they will survive and greet me with new growth come the Spring.

I used to be on this site a long time ago and am a bit rusty. It has just taken me ages to find how to reply (hope I have managed it ok !!)

Best wishes to all Sue

18 Sep, 2014

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