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I have a Rowan tree that has been planted in my garden for about 18 months and has grown to aprox 10 ft. Can I relocate it and when should I do it?



When it is dormant is your best chance. (It is wise to check the eventual height and spread of any tree or shrub you plant! )
Dig a large planting hole for its new position before moving it and check that this position is suitable. Rowans can make big trees and you will not be able to move it again. Dig it with as large a rootball as you possibly can and don't do it when the ground is dry. Remember the roots will cover as wide an area as the branches. If it survives it will need a lot of water all year next season as its roots recover.

18 Sep, 2014


as soon as it has dropped its leaves providing the garden isn't frosted. failing that march/april before leaf break as the ground warms up.
advice re planting as above.

18 Sep, 2014


Thanks for those two replies, that's very helpful.

18 Sep, 2014

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