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My troubles with new gardening hobby


By Alextb

London, England Eng

Hi, I enjoy gardening, but since started my new hobby I have had some problems. Read about them in my new blogs.

I have recently started blogging, and will update you all via blog about repeated vandalsim to my garden.

Photos will be added, also I will be blogging about my first year of gardening experience. Might be something of interest to you at some point. Keep checking.

Damage Damage2 Damage_5



I am so sorry Alextb. How can people be so rotten? It will be kids messing about, but it affects your moral. Maybe a few plants with spikes might help!!

18 Jun, 2010


Good idea Linda. Don't let them get you down Alex, I have just moved from a house where our neighbours took great delight in trashing our garden. (Both veg and flower beds!)

We moved to a wheelchair accessible place now with much, MUCH bigger gardens! Lol

18 Jun, 2010


I've had everything from Bird-of-Paradise seedlings to a $200 bonsai stolen. I do most of my gardening behind walls, now. What was scariest was the kid who kept slashing up my cactus. I was worried about what else he would be slashing, when he grew up! Fortunately not in my neighborhood anymore.

I would ask your neighbors if anybody saw anything, thereby gently notifying the parents tht their kids are not behaving--unless they have a bad case of "My Sweet Baby" blindness!

Good luck in this, Alex!

18 Jun, 2010


I know its giving in to them, but I put very little in my front garden. It is not always children. They stagger through, on the way home late at night, full of lager and alcopops, and interfere with anything moveable in the front garden. Over the other side of the road coping stones dislodged and next doors little metal front gate, not very nice anyway, recently vanished. Even one of our Spireas, now huge and well established, was taken up twice and dumped in nextdoors window box.

19 Jun, 2010


Thanks for your comments, have spoken to neighbours who are aware of the problems I have , and they always say that if they see anything they will contact our local Safer Neighbourhood Police Team, and let me know.

19 Jun, 2010

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