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care and when to prune new leylandii



with a spade a tthe roots asap - sorry to be so blunt

19 Jun, 2010


Oh! Did you see the question on another one on here, you may regret having that tree as they grow so quickly and before you know it you will not beable to grow any plants or veg near it as it sap's all the goodness out of the ground & if it gets too big your neighbours may complain, sorry to put a damper on things, if you must have that tree just keep pruning it at the top, I used to do ours twice a year till I couldn't manage it any longer and I ended up having it taken down, cost a couple of hundred pounds.

19 Jun, 2010


Same with us too. Someone put em all over the place in the garden of the house we are in now. They were small when we moved in. When we recovered from all the indoor jobs that needed doing......they got the chop.

19 Jun, 2010

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