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could i plant one of these in my garden, if yes when and how? thanks




Yes, its a Lily (Lillium), probably an Asiatic type. When it dies away in September, plant it (the bulbs) in well prepared soil with plenty of organic plant material added such as leaf mould or multi purpose if you can't get that. They will grow in full sun but prefer a position in light shade.

I would liquid feed this every few weeks too so that it can feed up ready for flowering next year.

ps, plant the bulbs relatively deeply (about twice their depth).

19 Jun, 2010


Look at my up to date pictures especially in my stone sink Doddy you will see my lillies .I planted mine out last year and they are up and getting ready to bloom in the next 4 weeks.
When they are in bloom i will take some more pictures and download them onto here
But they make good colouring for the garden and are heavily scented at least mine are

20 Jun, 2010


fractal thanks very much for that i will do that in september :)

20 Jun, 2010


hi hijuju cant find pictures :)

20 Jun, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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