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By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know the variety of Campanula which is low growing and spreads to make an attractive ground cover?



Campanula cochleariifolia ( Fairies Thimbles )

19 Jun, 2010


campanula muralis, can't be beat - hardy as old boots, evergreen, neat grower, not even untidy when it flowers, grows in shade as well as sun, about 3 inches high. Photo of it in flower in my photos section somewhere or other.

19 Jun, 2010


campanula carpatica is also good, comes in white and blue..

19 Jun, 2010


Both Campanula poscharskyana (muralis as was) amd portenschlagiana can be real spreading thugs if suited. The others mentioned are a lot more restrained.

19 Jun, 2010


Thanks for your help, lovely people.

20 Jun, 2010


I've done a bit of research on the internet to try to clarify the various names given to the muralis variety and I find that both poscharskyana and portenschlagiana are quoted by different growers in the same breath as muralis and from the descriptions given I have trouble in differentiating between them. Are there any subtle differences and could anyone help me to understand what they are?

26 Jun, 2010


This is a knotty subject, Bernard! I had the same trouble, and still do - what the garden centres sell as portenschlagiana and porscharskyana seems to vary according to the centre concerned, so I've had trouble over the years getting the one I want -in the end, I resorted to lifting a bit from someone who had it already, but in the last 3 years, I have managed to buy Campanula labelled as 'muralis' and it has been the right one, so now, I won't buy if its NOT labelled 'muralis'. I like this particular one because it doesn't get messy when it flowers, doesn't sprawl over everything nearby and doesn't throw out long shoots. It's very hard to tell if its the one I call 'muralis' when the plants are very small, as they often are in the garden centre.

28 Jun, 2010


Thanks Bamboo, I'll follow your lead and insist on muralis and keep my fingers crossed!

28 Jun, 2010

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