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mould on tomato flowers


By Johnno

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have this problem on 3 of my tomato plants on the upper trusses. Any idea what causes it? Is it blight?, and what can I do about it?




Are you spraying the plants with water. as it setts the flowers. When I worked in tomato nurseries we used to spray the plants all over every day. Check that they are getting enough water and that you aren't leaving the plants to dry out for a time and then water. Watering is a fine balance especially if the weather is very hot one day and not on another. If the plants have blights usually all the leaves go brown and fall off. If you get black spot where the flowers join the fruit at the bottoms of the trusses you are overwatering. Check for whitefly. I stick up yellow sticky strips to catch them but if you grow basil it helps. Don't forget to strip the bottom leaves off once the fruit on the bottom trusses starts to go red. Hope this helps Lindak.

23 Jul, 2008


Thanks for that. It certainly doesn't sound like blight. It probably is a watering problem. The plants in the middle of the greenhouse are ok - its only the ones near the door (the end that gets the sun all day) . I do spray when the plants are smaller, but tend not to when they are bigger (4' plus) so maybe I ought to spray all the time then.


23 Jul, 2008

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