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Does anyone recognise this plant ? We inherited it and it has had a flower on only once in 6 years and this was at the very bottom of the plant and was white, can't remember if it was bell shape or what but there were several flowers on one stem. I am thinking of getting rid of it as it adds no interest, even the leaves are a bit boring !! It is about 3 feet tall.

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I think it could be Deutzia. Maybe you are pruning it wrong? It is should be pruned after it flowers... it is summer flowering shrub, it produces flowers on current year growth:)

20 Jun, 2010


To be honest I chop the branches off when they get too tall.I can't say that I prune it after flowering as I have only ever seen one flower !! I will have a look at Deutzia and see if it's worth persisting, but I think it's days are numbered !!

20 Jun, 2010


Now I have seen the flowers, I think you are right Okasia !!

20 Jun, 2010


Yes, I agree with Okasia.

21 Jun, 2010


glad could help:) and it can grow tall:) but it's summer flowering shrub, so I hope you'll keep it:)

21 Jun, 2010


Thanks for your help Okasia. I will keep an eye on it but if it needs to grow tall then it might not be in the right spot in the garden.

21 Jun, 2010

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