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I've just bought a phormium rainbow sunrise, do I need to water it through the winter and what feed should I use in the summer, thanks.



No, and none is the answer, which I believe might sound like an echo, since someone else gave you the same answer last time you asked.

If you're keeping it in a pot, feed with a general purpose fertiliser such as Growmore (stir the granules into the top of the compost when you're topping off) in March or April, depending how warm it is, and then don't feed it again till the following year. You may need to water up till November, past that, just check it occasionally, but these plants are extremely drought tolerant anyway. Once the weather is cold, it won't be using much, if any, water, till February or March, depending on temperatures. If its in a pot, keep it somewhere a bit more sheltered for winter.

28 Sep, 2014

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