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whats happened to my carnation? help please




I was there wearing pink carnation...under the town clock!
Where were you?

20 Jun, 2010


ha ha , so is it ok are not? me well new to gardening :o)

20 Jun, 2010


Sorry Doddy I know nothing about carnations, I just couldn't resist making that comment ;-)

20 Jun, 2010


ha ha nice one :o) :o)

21 Jun, 2010


Hard to tell, Doddy. The center has obviously gotten woody and fallen open--common in older plants--but I don't see any signs of pests or disease.

21 Jun, 2010


right should i just leave it then the top part is green and look like the buds are going to open?? thanks so much:o)

21 Jun, 2010


Maybe take a few cuttings to replace the old plants next year, but nothing else needed that I can see.

21 Jun, 2010


how do i do cuttings ? never done that before,,,,,need step by step instructions lol

21 Jun, 2010


First thing I would do is browse through the C section of GoYpedia, below, especially cuttings and carnations.

22 Jun, 2010

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