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Is there anybody that knows how the new flowers on this Dendrobium orchid grow? There is lovely shiny new growth at the base. I have put two photos on to show what it looked like in full bloom about six months ago and how it looks now.
Thanks for any advice

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My 2 dends are like this Marjorie very healthy .

Sorry can't say why or when they will rebloom .

I have never had Reblooms with dends yet but all my Phals are in the their 3reblom it's great.

29 Sep, 2014


Thanks Kath for your reply. It's the first time I've had one so I didn't no what to expect - I'll just have to be patient.

29 Sep, 2014


I was given one last Christmas and it has two or three new side shoots on it. Just looked up what the Orchid Society says...

November-February: daytime temperatures can drop to 40° - 45° when you should not water or feed but give plenty of light and air movement. March-May or June: warmer and moister conditions. Buds develop and new growths appear. Water sparingly until the new shoots have grown good roots. From June-November corresponds to the monsoon period, warm and very wet. Give a low strength, high nitrogen feed in April and May, then feed weekly during maximum growth. Change to high potash for the last month. Note If you do not dry and cool the plants during winter, you won't get flowers! Himalayan Dendrobiums from lower altitudes need a less harsh winter but still dry.

I can only say that I've done the " watering sparingly" bit!

1 Oct, 2014


Thank you Urbanite for your helpful reply. I think I have been looking after it o'kay so I will have to say my prayers , be patient and wait & see!

2 Oct, 2014

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