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me again my rose leaves look ok, but buds have white stuff on them, was told its milldew,,,please tell me what to spray it with? also how to care for it? i just thought you planted a plant an water it , an thats it,,,,,oh how wrong i was,,, loveing learning of this site, just want to say big thanks to everyone who has helped me so far :o) :o) will take better pic tomz




Spray to prevent unfortunately.These leaves will have it until they drop now! Several fungicides taken off the market now but choose two with different active ingredients. Spray alterately with each every two weeks (or less time between if heavy rain).

20 Jun, 2010


right so sorry but do i just ask at shop what i need? got rose at frount that look fine should i spray it anyway?? so will the rose bush die then?:(

20 Jun, 2010


will add pic of the one in frount

21 Jun, 2010


No, the rose won't die but Mildew does weaken them a bit. Feed it with a high potash rose fertiliser (any brand of rose fertiliser will do) they are high in Potash which gives the rose a degree of resistence to mildew but spraying is the most effective course. Ask or check the product on the front label and the active ingredient is always shown there. Make sure the two sprays have a different active ingredient such as Miclobutanil for one and a different active ingredient for the other.

21 Jun, 2010


thanks so much, :o)

21 Jun, 2010

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