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For relegious purposes i am looking to figure out how to grou the Myrtus Communis that the all three leaves will grow around the same circumfrence can anyone help mw with this thanx

On plant Myrtus communis



In your area, it would be an indoor-outdoor or greenhouse plant. It likes lots of direct sun, so if it has to stay in the house very long, give it a spot in a sunny bay window. If in a greenhouse, don't whitewash it's part of the greenhouse very much in the summer, or take it outside. It needs regular feeding, but any good balanced fertilizer will work. It likes good drainage, and I would use Cactus Mix for potting mix, if that's available in your area. Otherwise, mix 1 part perlite and 1 part coarse sand with 8 parts good potting soil. It grows fast, so I would give it a large pot at maturity, at least 18" tall and wide. Finding the right plant may be difficult--if worst comes to worst, find a florist with the right kind, and cut a few of the stems into pieces about 4"-6" long, just above a whorl of leaves at the top, and just below, at the bottom. Strip the leaves off the bottom two whorls, dip the end in rooting hormone powder, and set it in moist sand and perlite mixture, just deep enough to hold it up. Keep the cuttings in a humid greenhouse not much over 80 deg. F. In the house, put a plastic bag with a few pinholes over the pot with the cuttings, being careful not to let the bag touch the cuttings. Keep them in filtered sun or bright indirect light. When they show new growth in 3-4 weeks, you will know they are rooted, and can be gently transplanted to their own small pots of seedling mix. If you are experienced at growing cuttings, about 5 cuttings are likely to produce 1 healthy plant. If you aren't, better start 10--even the pros have trouble with this one! Note that weaker stems will tend to have two leaves per whorl, and the strongest stems may have four.

21 Jun, 2010

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