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Now the rain has washed out my labels. I dont know which variety is which after the two definites I have sampled. The foliage seems to be sagging and yellowing. Will it hurt to leave the potatoes in the bags after the foliage has withered? Can I use the compost on a raised bed if mixed with manure? Thanks for your very sympathetic comments about my pathetic efforts



It seems very early for your potato foliage to have died back, but unless the plant was blighted, and it's very early for that, the tubers should be ok left in the bag. After all, that's more or less the way you might store the tubers for winter. However, you might as well use the tubers up now as they won't grow any bigger and will be at their best now rather than stored.
You can use the compost in the garden or just add it to your compost heap. In a hot heap any fungus or spores will tend to be destroyed. To be extra safe, don't plant potatoes or tomatoes where you spread the compost, but I must admit that wouldn't worry me. You could also use the compost safely next year by sieving it and mixing it with some fertiliser granules for pot plants like geraniums or other flowering plants.

21 Jun, 2010

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