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My orchid plant has shed all its flowers and has started to sprout 2 sets of leaves with roots on the stem of the plant. Do I cut these off and pot up? If so, where do I make the cut?



Re the Calla lily, assuming you mean Zantedeschia, no, you can just keep it as a houseplant, you don't need to dig up and dry off, that's if its outside and it's not a hardy variety.

No idea re the orchid, sorry.

2 Oct, 2014


Thank you, Bamboo. As this is my first year with the Calla Lily houseplant (a gift) I was unsure what to do with it over the winter. Thank you for your advice.

3 Oct, 2014


What kind of orchid is it, Aventwain?

11 Oct, 2014

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