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Does anyone know how hardy fuchsia gay parasol, and fuchsia rapunzel are?
I have several of both, and dont want to lose them.



Both need to be kept out of frost so best bring them in.

3 Oct, 2014


Hi John

I have never had these fuchsias I am a wee bit further north for you and when I want to keep a fuchsia .

I protect them for the oncoming winter.

We don't know yet if we are to have a bad cold winter.

If these fuchsias are already planted in the ground you could chance it .

Don't prune them if they are in the ground till Spring

If in pots take them into a frost free place.

Take some cuttings now and try to root them

Good luck

3 Oct, 2014


One of them is a trailing basket fuchsia and will not survive outside. Both of them are frost tender. Taking cuttings is a good idea but they do root less readily at this late time of year, so be patient.

3 Oct, 2014


I that case John get these fuchsias protected now.

I to am in Scotland and have left fuchsias in the greenhouse overwinter before and lost all my fuchsias

So now in the winter they come into conservatorĊ· window sill

I have also wrapped in newspaper and put in loft before that to works

And have buried I a deep trench to which it to works.

4 Oct, 2014


Or as there are only two you could also put them in a spare bedroom if you have an unheated one - let them dry out and they'll be no trouble after the leaves have dropped. In early spring water gently and spray gently with tepid water. When new growth is established you can repot in fresh compost.

Lots of options for you there!

5 Oct, 2014

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