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Hi! I'm struggling to comment on the health of this plant? (Aurinia saxatilis ‘Compacta’) Does anyone know if it has root rot? How can I explain the lighter green dots on the foliage? Thanks!




Looks absolutely fine to me.

Has this plant been re-named ? Has always been Alyssum saxatalie to me !!!1

4 Oct, 2014


I suspect it's White Blister - this one's so badly affected its not worth keeping it, so dig it up and dispose of it away from your compost bin. There is no treatment for this fungal infection other than to remove affected leaves in the early stages. Last time I planted this 3 years ago, it lasted spring and summer before it succumbed to white blister, completely dead by the following year. Best to dispose of it before the blisters burst...

Badfish: yes, its been renamed, what a pain...

4 Oct, 2014

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