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By Nanjo

WITNEY, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, can anyone tell me if it would be ok to plant a Red Robin that I have in a pot at the moment in my front garden that has Cotswold stone chippings. I want to plant it where I now have the pot of Begonias ( 1st pic ).

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I cant see why not but they do get really quit big is all .

5 Oct, 2014


Thanks Nosey, just didn't know if they were lime haters. I will keep it trimmed like the others out front.

5 Oct, 2014


Hi, there are only 2 species of Photinia that need acid to neutral soil, they're P beauverdiana, and P villosa, the others are quite haeppy in fertile, moist but well drained soil, in full sun.
P fraseri 'red robin' is not completely hardy, and should be given some shelter. Derek.

5 Oct, 2014


If it is the dwarf one (nana) it whould be fine but as Noseypotter says if not it will soon get too big for the space without regular trimming as they want to be big bushes,with a natural height and spread of up to 5 metres.

If you want a small red leaved bush in that position have a look at berberis darwinii atropurpurea nana. Nana is the important bit as this one shouldn't exceed two feet.

5 Oct, 2014


My local nursery sells 'Little Red Robin' which would be suitable for container growing. The ordinary Photinia × fraseri, Red Robin will want to be a very large shrub and even if you prune it regularly it will develop a big root system and soon out-grow a container. Leucothoe Scarletta (Zeblid) would be my suggestion for a container. Super, red winter colour, evergreen but would need ericaceous compost.

6 Oct, 2014


IU should have remembered that on Urbanite! Got nana on the brain just now!

6 Oct, 2014


I've no idea which one this is as it was a 99p shop buy a few years ago. It's been in pots all the time out in all weathers so it must be pretty hardy. I already have a Leucothoe in a pot in the back garden Jimmy. I used to have a Berberis out the front Stera but it died and a 2ft one wouldn't be seen over the fence.I will plant it in the garden and see how it goes. Thank you all for your comments, much appreciated.

7 Oct, 2014


your welcome

8 Oct, 2014

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