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By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

Can someone name this annual flower for me please...It came in a packet of mixed seed?....thanks

June_21st_10..more_summer_plants..._030 June_21st_10..more_summer_plants..._022



Yes, it's Candytuft (Iberis). I have forgotten the exact species name....doh!

21 Jun, 2010


Iberis amara.......bwo google :-)

21 Jun, 2010


Thank you you think it could self-seed?...:>)

21 Jun, 2010


Yes they can.

21 Jun, 2010


I would have said I. umbellata. As far as I knew, I. amara only came in white.

21 Jun, 2010


Doh! Lol...

21 Jun, 2010


Candytuft-Candysmuft :-) Suppose I had better stop drinking that bottle of red Lol

21 Jun, 2010


Gardening under the influence? Tsk, tsk...: D

22 Jun, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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