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I moved some large planters recently and found the hard ground beneath them heaving with black hopping creatures. I've never seen the like in my life before. I have tried to identify them through google searches and the closest I can find is Land Hopper, (Talitridae) or Garden Hopper (Talitroides topitotum). However, the only references to these creatures that I can find appear to be from Australia and South Africa. I live in Bognor Regis UK. Are they common in the UK? Could they be something else? Are they harmful to my plants. Thanks. Collette



A photo of the beasties would be very helpful Collette, so far as I know hoppers don't exist in the UK - flea beetle possibly?

6 Oct, 2014


I agree a photo is the best thing .

6 Oct, 2014


I have these jumping giant flea-like 'prawns' in my garden in St. Cleer, Cornwall. They thrive in rotting leaves and under my plant pots. I brought some geraniums in for the winter and every time I lift up a pot a few start jumping around the window sill! At first I thought they'd escaped from the beach by way of our dog or shoes as they look like sand hoppers which I think they are related too (you know the sort that swarm over seaweed - yuk!) Don't seem to be able to attach a pic but here is a link


PS I just added a pic of the bug as my avatar!!!

4 Dec, 2014

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