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I have a orchid that was doing well but i had flies flying around so i use fly spray. But now it seems that it is dying. Should i just get rid and buy a new one???



Probably yes. I hope you are feeling fine. Hope you didn't spray that stuff in the house. Too much of that and someone will find you on your back wiggling your arms and legs you know.

6 Oct, 2014


The fly spray shouldn't have affected your orchid, unless you literally sprayed the orchid itself. How have you been looking after it?

6 Oct, 2014


fly spray is taken in bye the insects exoskeleton and destroys there central nervous system which plants havnt got so mg is right . as for the orchid they don't stay in flower too long . flowers bye nature don't .

6 Oct, 2014


I'm not clear on what's going on here. Are the flowers fading or is the whole plant dying?

I would flush it out with water. Put the orchid in the sink and let water run through it for 5-10 minutes. Then give it new growing medium. trim off and dead roots, leaves, dead parts. Give it a slightly larger pot with brand new grow medium.

Gently wipe off the leaves with a damp towel, cloth. Removes as much of the bug spray as possible by diligently wiping each leaf & stem on all sides with a damp cloth.

Give it standard care - light - water - food - air.

6 Oct, 2014


bug spray wont kill the plant bb or millions of people would loose there house plants .

7 Oct, 2014


It sounds more like Scariad fly(fungus gnat) to me,and can be quite common on house plants..not usually a problem,so I don't think it will be the reason for your Orchid dying..Are you keeping it too wet? in which case,they can appear in those conditions,and won't be helping your orchid either..Try repotting it in suitable compost,and keep it on the dryer the roots a thorough wash as suggested,and only water when it seems a thorough soaking,and leaving it to drain,as they don't like being stood in water....If you do decide to repot it,don't replant in the same pot, might be better with another the same size,or next size up.depending if it looks full of roots,and if there are lots of brown dead looking one,I would carefully take them out,leaving the healthy green ones.. had these on my Orchid once,but it's still going strong after ten years,so don't give up on it..good luck..

7 Oct, 2014


I'd go with the next size pot and put a good inch of horticultural grit in the bottom before using new orchid compost. I find this helps keep the roots clear of any water that drains off. I also stand mine in a saucer of gravel or put them in a proper orchid pot cover that is narrower at the bottom to allow room for water to run off.
I was checking one of mine at the weekend as a flower had fallen off - but the photos i had taken of it were back in May and it had been in flower when I bought it in February - so over 7 months!

7 Oct, 2014


Good advice,Urbanite,as I forgot to mention the grit,and standing on gravel..I thought I had lost mine this year,as I guess 10 years is good going,..but after some TlC and an overhaul,I noticed a stem appearing yesterday..Yay,we have lift off again,I hope ! Glad yours is doing well too :o)

7 Oct, 2014


If the fly spray was oil or alcohol based, that may have damaged the foliage of the orchid.

9 Oct, 2014

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