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Mystery plant New photos !

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Mystery plant purchased today !

Please identify the plant in the picture.

This was the final one left at the garden centre,
and it had lost its label. Staff at the garden centre
weren't sure of the name.

Thanks in advance for your answers.
I hope to be back on GoY more soon.

On plant Chaenorhinum origanifolium Blue Dearm

P1170709 P1170712 P1170713



Looks like Lamium maculatum, the spotted leaf dead nettle.

7 Oct, 2014


Or a pulmonaria although the leaves are a bit sma─║l, pretty though

7 Oct, 2014


The flowers made me think immediately of Pulmonaria but I was not convince by the leaves.
Is it possible there is more that one plant there TT - the middle bit looks a bit like Ajuga to me.

7 Oct, 2014


It was alphabetically in the 'C' area of the small plants, and the assistant thought the name might start with C. .. but might not !!

I have pulmonaria and it doesn't seem the same as that, and also it does seem to be all one plant, not 2 plants. I think the leaves are smaller than you'd find on a lamium.

Thanks for all your ideas. Tomorrow I'll try to add extra photos of the plant :o)

7 Oct, 2014


What about Ceratostigma plumbaginoides?

7 Oct, 2014


Thanks Angie ... I put that in search and had a look at the photos... I think my photo is showing the flowers as more blue than they really are ... they are more purple than they look in the pic. Thanks everyone for your ideas. :o)

7 Oct, 2014


I think there are 2 or 3 different plants in there.

7 Oct, 2014


I think I have this plant too but I mustn't have added it to my garden list grr.

I think it is something like hemi-antirrhinum. I know it has the antirrhinum part in its name. It seeds quite freely.

8 Oct, 2014


Thanks for your input Badfish and Sbg...

I've checked and it is definitely all one single plant.

I've just replaced the original photo with 3 new pics above.

The first pic is just a small flowering piece which fell off during its journey home.

I'll come back to my computer later to see if those have helped. Thank you.

Please note the flower colour is more purple/mauve than shown on these pictures which make it look too much of a blue shade.

Plant is about 4 inches high from soil to top flowers.

8 Oct, 2014


Hi TT, I have a plant like this it's called Chaenorhinum origanifolium 'Blue Dream' and is in flower now :o)))x

8 Oct, 2014


Hi Annie ... well done !
thanks. That's the one xxx

Chaenorhinum origanifolium Blue Dream

Thanks everyone for your ideas :o)

8 Oct, 2014


It's a lovely little plant TT, rarely without a flower in summer :o))

8 Oct, 2014


Phew a big name for a little plant!
well done Annie ?
one I hadn't heard of at all.....

8 Oct, 2014


I bought mine in Morrisons of all places Pam! :o)

8 Oct, 2014


Oh Annie...
you should have told us you acquired it from an exclusive nurseries ;o)

Will I be able to split it, or will it multiply by seeds ?

8 Oct, 2014


It self seeds in my garden TT xxx

8 Oct, 2014


That's the one knew it had rhinum in its name. Still cant find it in my list of bought plants though I do have the label somewhere.

9 Oct, 2014


Thanks for that Annie ..
I'll look out for seedlings. :o)

Sbg ... Well done !
... the young leaves in particular have very much the look of antirrhinum leaves.

9 Oct, 2014

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