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girne, Cyprus Cy

MY hollyhocks have just finished flowering and before I cut them back down I would like to save some seeds/ How do I do this. Should I take the seeds from the pods now or leave them in. When should I plant the seeds and how/ Straight into the ground or in a pot first. Thanks.

On plant Alcea rosea



I would leave them on the plant till the flower spike turns brown. Then cut off the spike and leave it on a windowsill to ripen further. When it is really dry pop the seeds out into an envelope and label! Sow in spring to get flowers the following year. You can take cuttings in autumn too. As long as it's good weather (not frosty) you can sow in the ground - where you want them to flower - or in a pot if you are not sure where they will be planted.

22 Jun, 2010


Thank you very much. I will try this.

23 Jun, 2010

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